More Pioneer Tribute Soundbytes

May 31, 2012 in The Pioneer

While being busy at work and building the Pioneer “Tribute” systems a small window presented itself to record some more soundbytes. Available via the Exclusively Analogue soundcloud profile you can also listen to them below. In the future we will be looking to host more of these on Soundcloud and ensure we have a central store people can refer to in order to hear what the various Exclusively Analogue systems are like.

Paying Tribute, Chance Meetings And A Salute To Longevity

May 21, 2012 in Exclusively Analogue

I was sad to hear of the death of Donna Summer recently. I still think that her “I Feel Love” song, with the powerful and instantly recognisable Gorgio Moroder synth bass sequence, will remain one of the icons of the synth era. As a tribute to her I am in the process of recreating that iconic sound on the Pioneer ‘Tribute’ system and I will endeavour to put the results on here later.

It’s also a very small, and strange, world we live in and at the weekend I had one of those experiences that demonstrated how fate has a way of conspiring to make things happen. I attended a dinner in Oxford on Saturday and ended up sitting next to someone who it turned out was connected with the music industry. After lengthy conversations I discovered that both her and her brother knew various people that I did and that her company, Timespace, had lots of clients who might be interested in the uniqueness of the Exclusively Analogue products. Time will tell whether anything comes of this but I was taken aback at how this chance meeting at a totally non musically connected dinner happened!

It is perhaps worth re-iterating that Exclusively Analogue has always focused on producing unique and exclusive products in limited numbers. As an example I have just been asked to custom build two ‘Aviators’ which will be very unique. To demonstrate this uniqueness both will have “Custom Built for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” on the front panel.

On the subject of Aviators, a studio in Sweden has sent their Aviator, number 9, back to me for an overhaul. It has been in constant use for almost 18 years and had a minor fault with the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) on one of the VCOs plus a couple of pots that were showing signs of wear. The PWM fault was traced to a faulty 45 pence diode! It was pleasing to note that everything else had remained fully functional. It’s always rewarding to see that my attention to quality in the past has paid off and that ethos will continue in the newer products like the Pioneer modular.