The Aviator: Black Is The Next Trend

With the festive season nearly finished and everyone looking forward to 2013 we've managed to spend some time building another Aviator system. This is the first one to be built since 1996 and features the alternate black front panel with the eMu modular style knobs. The photo below was taken during a test build to fit all the parts together and to organise the internal wiring. This Aviator will be headed to France once completed and will feature the "Custom Built for ......" inscription laser etched on to the top left corner. If we get some time (and permission) we will attempt to try and get more photos of the completed system with the laser etching finished and visible. We are sure you'll agree the black front panel looks quite stylish. Anyway, the final comment for 2012 is for us to wish you all a Happy New Year.

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Photos of the Universal Active Filter

The quieter Winter period has meant more time to build the various systems and modules we have to offer and one of the most recent has been the Universal Active Filter. Below are photos of one that was shipped over to Belgium recently. This one uses a number of the same original components from the eMu UAF while our Belgian friend built the wood casing himself. The feedback we've received from the buyer about the Universal Active Filter has been really positive; "It sounds great and is really well built" Next up is a nice Christmas break and we wish you all the best for the festive period.

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