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Exclusively Analogue @ SynthFest UK 2023 (Interviewed by SonicState)

At SynthFest 2023 Tony was interviewed by SonicState about the Pioneer Tribute as a homage to the EMU Modular, and about the standalone Pioneer Modular from Exclusively Analogue.

This is a video clip of the interview and includes sound bites of the modular in action.


Modular Synths

Pick the modules you want and we’ll do the rest.

We’ve created our own hand-built modular synth based on the classic E-Mu modular with two default size options –  42*24inch and 24*24inch. If you want a custom size and custom-built cabinet let us know.


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Single Modules

You can also buy individual hand-built modules for your existing system. Click below to see which modules we have available and what can be “made-to-order”.


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The Aviator

A timeless classic and the first synth we designed and built from scratch. Have a read of all the things we managed to jam into this amazing piece of kit.


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Module Repairs

Get your modular system back up and running with our repair service. We can repair original E-Mu modules with original components or use newer components with a longer lifespan.


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