Hello one and all. For those that can cast their minds back as far as the 1990s you may be familiar with Exclusively Analogue, what we did and what we built. For anyone that can’t quite reach that far back in to the mists of time (or weren’t interested the first time round) here’s a quick refresher.

We designed and built The Aviator in 1993 after working with a number of acts including Erasure, Emerson Lake and Palmer and the Human League. Over the period of 3 years a total of 35 Aviators made their way to distant shores to great acclaim. Here’s what they looked like.

It’s now 2012 and Exclusively Analogue is making a return with something new. That “something new” has already started to create a buzz across internet forums far and wide and we will shortly be in a position to tell you more. For now though, feel free to sit in excitement as Exclusively Analogue prepares to blast through 2012.