As the festive period hits and the end of the year draws ever closer it seems like the perfect time to provide a quick status update on Merlin and how things are progressing. For those who have been keeping an eye open for new updates there is a mix of news to share.

The first (good) news is that re-designs of the initial concept circuit-boards are moving along nicely and should make Merlin easier to build both as individual units and as batch jobs when we get to that stage. If we can finalise the design of the boards it will then enable us to confirm the size of the casing to house it and how that then compares with the more traditional Eurorack module sizes.

So what about other news? As some readers will know there have been busy periods in the past where the day job has taken hold and meant I’ve not had as much time to focus on Exclusively Analogue. As we head in to 2015 another such situation has arisen and it unlikely I’ll be able to commit any substantial time to Merlin until March. I am however still planning on building a working prototype in order to get some sound demos and pictures put on the site.

For now though I’d like to wish everyone Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.