Repair Service

With extensive experience of working on a whole host of analogue synthesizers for over 30 years Exclusively Analogue can offer to keep either your original E-mu modular, or a Pioneer system, fully working.

Since the major modules of the E-mu modular were remade for the Pioneer Tribute project we can offer to repair, if possible, or replace faulty sub modules with new ones.  We can also offer to service complete modules or systems replacing worn parts, like potentiometers and switches.

A lot of the original E-mu modules were fully encased in resin and therefore are impossible to repair. Others were only partially encased and therefore it may be possible to repair them.

e-mu modular - sub module example

The original 1200 VCO submodule is fully encased and cannot be repaired but can be replaced with a new 1201 submodule, shown on the right.  The 1201 was the last version of the VCO sub module E-mu produced and is much better than the original 1200.

e-mu modular - sub module example

The sub module on the left is an original 1122 Universal Active Filter sub module and the one on the right a new 1122 made by Exclusively Analogue.

Note that the sub modules are only available to owners of either an original E-Mu modular or Exclusively Analogue Pioneer Tribute system.  We prefer that you send your faulty sub module, or complete module, for evaluation before ordering a replacement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Aviator Repairs

As an owner of one of our Aviator synthesizers you are entitled to a very competitive repair service.  To date the repairs we have done on a small number of Aviators have been to replace some of the 20 year old potentiometers or broken jack sockets.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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